#003 – Meet the Host with Ron Smith

Ron Smith is the founder of Chalder Consulting, a consultancy offering IT advisory, project management, and business analyst services. He is a husband and father based in New Brunswick, Canada.

Ron also runs Managing Projects, a site dedicated to helping project managers with thought-provoking articles, interviews, and training tips.

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#002 – Weird Things About Time with Andrew Burke

Andrew Burke has been a professional independent developer for over 20 years, working in everything from HyperCard and Lotus Notes to Ruby on Rails and iOS. Besides building software for various businesses, he teaches web development, speaks at conferences, and has several SaaS products and iOS apps on the side. In his spare time, he also does fan art mash-ups of iconic science fiction ships and characters with equally iconic Nova Scotian scenery – which are surprisingly popular in Halifax.

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#001 – Emotional Intelligence and Leadership with Mike Hayes

Mike Hayes is a certified coach, teacher, and speaker with the John Maxwell Team and the president of Changing Leaf, a leadership development company dedicated to developing better leaders. He’s also the co-author of Dreaming Big Being Bold 2: Inspiring Stories from Trailblazers, Visionaries and Change Makers.

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