#012 – Learning Compilers with Cartoons with Vaidehi Joshi

Vaidehi Joshi started BaseCS to document her self-guided journey into computer science. It turned into a much-loved blog, podcast, and video series.

Vaidehi is an engineer at Tilde, in Portland, Oregon, where she works on Skylight (a smart profiler for Ruby and Rails applications). She enjoys building and breaking code, but loves creating empathetic engineering teams a whole lot more. In her spare time, she runs basecs, a weekly writing series that explores the fundamentals of computer science, and is co-host of the Base.cs Podcast.

In this episode, Vaidehi shares about her background as a writer and educator, the origins of BaseCS, and how BaseCS is making computer science concepts accessible to a broader audience.

Where to Find Vaidehi Joshi

@vaidehijoshi on Twitter

BaseCS blog series on Medium

BaseCS podcast

BaseCS video series

TEDx talk

Book Recommendations

This week’s audiobook recommendations are The Five Dysfunctions of a Team and Silos, Politics, and Turf Wars by Patrick Lencioni. Get your free audiobook by visiting ardentdev.com/audible. Thanks to Audible for supporting this podcast.

Music by Nazar Rybak and Alvaro Angeloro from HookSounds.com.