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Your Software Development Career Is In Peril…

Your Software Development Career Is In Peril…

April 30, 2008 12:54 am2 comments

…because you are not registered for DevTeach Toronto.

OK, maybe not in peril.

Then again…  what are you doing to enhance your skill set?  Who are you sharing ideas with?  Who or what is challenging the constructs, patterns, and assumptions you rely on everyday?  What is breaking your team out of your own echo chamber?

Sales statistics say it’s not books.  The big Microsoft conferences like Tech Ed feature lots of Microsoft product managers on stage talking about their products.  It’s good info, but it’s not real meat.  It’s not war stories from the real world.  It’s not emerging ideas from thought leaders.

You need places to connect with people who are in the trenches.  People who are passionate about what they do.  People eager to share their tales.  You get that on blogs and at code camps.  You can also find it at community-focused conferences like DevTeach.

DevTeach is my favourite conference after MIX.  It has all the standards of an international event but is also designed to encourage networking with the many renowned speakers who volunteer their time to speak.  In between sessions you can easily end up eating lunch with Richard Campbell or watching Carl Franklin do a magic trick.

The next DevTeach is coming up soon:  May 12-16, 2008 in Toronto, Canada.  Lots more info over at

One of the event’s owner (Jean-René Roy) is a Microsoft MVP and for the past 14 years has been a user group leader in Montreal.  He’s a great guy and he puts on a great show.  I highly recommend it.


  • What a nice bit of completely shameless self-promotion

  • derek

    Definitely shameless promotion. I have no shame in promoting a great conference. But self-promotion? How do you figure? I don’t run the conference. I don’t make any money from it. I’m not a sponsor of it. I am volunteering my time to speak at it just like I did last year and the year before that.

    BTW, what thoughtless parents named you Anon? Seems kind of mean…