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WPF Might Actually Induce a Paradigm Shift

WPF Might Actually Induce a Paradigm Shift

April 5, 2006 12:26 amComments are Disabled

You know, I don’t think enough people recognize the real potential for WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation, formerly “Avalon”) to change the software experience.  WPF could mean that Windows and Web applications look and feel the same.  Given the reach of Internet Explorer, there will be a wide implicit adoption of WPF in the browser.  And WPF “Everywhere” (WPF/E) opens up a subset of WPF for other browsers and platforms.  Think about that for a second…  Define the user interface once and have it work in both desktop and browser deployment scenarios.

The implications are actually pretty cool.  You could define one user interface and one backend logic layer.  All you need is a connector that can feed either a desktop or browser launched version of an app.  The implications are huge if someone can make all the pieces work right.

I suspect the reason Atlas is taking so long is that Microsoft wants to make sure the client-side browser model will work for both HTML and WPF.

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