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VB 9, VBx (VB 10), and Silverlight

VB 9, VBx (VB 10), and Silverlight

July 2, 2007 1:10 pm1 comment

Here’s some helpful info from the VB team on the difference between VB 9, VBx, and Silverlight.  A couple of excerpts:

Visual Basic 9 is the next version of Visual Basic. Visual Basic 10, or VBx as it’s sometimes called, is the version of Visual Basic that will follow VB 9. Currently VBx is in very early stages, and is a long way off from production. In fact, most of our development team is actively working on VB 9.

Silverlight 1.1 is a new light weight version of the .NET Framework that will allow you to develop rich applications that run in a web browser using .NET languages.

VB 10 is going to be the version of Visual Basic that will follow VB 9 (the “next next version”). It will include new features designed to make VB a really great language for developing SilverLight apps, as well as enhancements to many of the new feature we are delivering in VB 9, such as Linq.

1 Comment

  • Demon

    That technologies coming is cool, but how then about code security, to protect code on client side computers to prevent see it or reversreengineer it how then obfuscate it or protect to look source code, are this was in the feature or we have unsecure code (for simple hackers attack).