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User Experience at MIX08

User Experience at MIX08

January 29, 2008 6:51 pmComments are Disabled

There will be a track dedicated to user experience at MIX this year.  That is very cool.  (For those who don’t have the pleasure of knowing everything about me, I spent some time in the human-computer interaction field as a student, so user experience is close to my heart.)

MIX UX, a three-day user experience track that debuts at MIX08, is dedicated to exploring and evolving the practice of user experience. Through unique content delivered by user experience thought-leaders, MIX UX broadens the content choices for designers and creative professionals to include broad and relevant UX topics that are not specifically related to Microsoft products and services.

Each day MIX UX will focus on a particular theme, the sum of which exposes the essence of MIX UX: Discovery, Exploration and Inspiration. It is no coincidence that these qualities are also at the core of designing great products and software.

Discover: A broad look at UX through the visionary minds of Lou Carbone, Dave Armano, and Dan Roam
Explore: An in-depth, practical workshop on user experience in the real world lead by Adaptive Path
Inspire: Microsoft’s new perspective on UX viewed through the eyes of Office and other products

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