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Tool I Love: JavaScript Debugger

Tool I Love: JavaScript Debugger

December 13, 2005 7:06 pmComments are Disabled

A regular “feature” we will have here at the Ardent Dev Blog is a series of “Tool I Love / Tool I Hate” posts (kind of like the “What’s On Your Hard Drive” column in Queue magazine).  A new addition to my tool set is the Venkam JavaScript Debugger for Mozilla.  The latest version as of this post was 0.9.85, which would not install for FireFox 1.5.  The XPI (add-on package) was hard-coded to a max version of 1.1.  Fortunately add-on packages for Mozilla are just Zip files that you can extract and hack pretty easily.  Here is how I got Venkman to install with FireFox 1.5:

  1. Downlowd Venkman 0.9.85.
  2. Change file extension to .zip and unzip.
  3. Open install.rdf with your favourite text editor.
  4. Find <em:maxVersion>1.1</em:maxVersion> and change the maxVersion to 1.5 (or any arbitrary number higher than 1.5 – it might or might not work on future releases of FireFox).
  5. Save your changes and close your text editor.
  6. Rezip the files and change the file extension from .zip to .xpi.
  7. Open the new XPI file in FireFox (using File | Open File menu or just drag-and-drop).

If you are a brave and trusting sort of individual, you can just download my modified XPI here: Modified venkman-0.9.85.xpi (209.03 KB).

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