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SnagIt Rocks

SnagIt Rocks

June 29, 2007 4:12 pmComments are Disabled

I had to take about a dozen screen shots the other day and my (new-ish) MacBook does not have a Print Screen key.  Instead of remapping a key (I use SharpKeys for that) or finding a keyboard, I installed an NFR copy of SnagIt that I was given a few months back.  What a great tool.  Wow!  You think that taking a screen cap is no big deal but SnagIt makes the process so simple that it’s almost enjoyable.


The default behaviour is to pop open the SnagIt editor after the capture and you can quickly crop as needed and save out to file.

The “Menu with time delay” option is indispensable if you have to take images of menus:


And there are a bunch of features that are just too much work in Photoshop (and impossible in Paint) like torn edges, highlights, blurred backgrounds, etc.

SnagIt is from the good folks at TechSmith.  TechSmith also makes Camtasia, which I have long loved for making screencasts.  I’m now putting SnagIt in the “Love It” category as well.  If you make documentation or post screen shots on the web (e.g., in a blog :) ) without SnagIt, you don’t know what you’re missing.  And they even offer a 30-day trial.

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