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Paste Special and Macros in Word 2007

Paste Special and Macros in Word 2007

April 26, 2006 1:37 am9 comments

I’ve been trying out Office 2007 for a few weeks to give the ribbon UI a chance. I’m a shortcut key fanatic and frig, frig, FRIG!!! I frequently use Paste Special to paste unformatted text. In shipping versions of Word I press Alt+E, S, Ctrl+End, Enter (I’m pretty fast at that combo). Eventually I get around to recording a macro and assigning it Ctrl+Alt+Shift+V. With the new ribbon interface I have to press Alt+E, C, V, S, Ctrl+End, Enter. Not too short for a “shortcut”.

“Oh, Derek,” you say. “Stop whining and go create a macro.” Sure, OK. Wait a minute… How do I create a macro? There is no longer a Tools menu. No mention of macros on any of the tabs. Grrrr…

The solution? Go to File | Word Options. Select Views. Check Developer Tools. A new Developer tab now shows up providing access to macros and some other stuff (like XML schemas). Yeah, I know – exceedingly intuitive compared to Tools | Macro | Record New Macro.

Now, I’m not exactly a Word power user but I can hold my own, and I suspect I am not the only person who is not going to appreciate feeling like a novice in my word processor. I am convinced that ribbon-enabled Office 2007 products will ultimately ship with a compatibility mode (standard menus, toolbars, etc.). I personally won’t use it, I’ll fumble my way through figuring out the new UI. But lack of a compat mode will hinder adoption. Or maybe everyone has forgotten how essential it was to have a WordPerfect compatibility mode.

Update: Turns out the Developer tab is also how you edit document properties like Author and Title. I was wondering where that functionality went since it’s not accessible under the File menu. Personally I think this feature should have been made more accessible, not less. Document properties can really matter when you start putting things into SharePoint or some other document management system.

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  • Cathy

    I too use Paste Special a lot. Where is that feature on the ribbon. My wish is for Microsoft to include in the next service pack, an option to use the “Office Classic Toolbar.” Thanks for telling me where to locate teh Macros though.

  • derek


    In the ribbon, Paste Special is a dropdown option off the Paste button. Personally I do NOT want to see an Office Classic Toolbar. The Office menu and toolbar had become completely unmanageable. There is some good science behind the ribbon, it just takes some getting used to.

    For what it’s worth, I have started using PureText for pasting unformatted text: By default it maps Windows+V for pasting an unformatted version of what you have in the clipboard.


    I hope I’m responding appropriately here. I just found the “Paste Special” on WORD 2007. Go to the “home” tab, click on the down arrow on the icon that says “paste.” Paste Special is an option.

  • Carol

    Macros can be recorded from the View Tab or ALT + F8.

    Properties can be added from the Prepare submenu at the Office Button.

  • Cynthia

    You can also add a Macro button to your Quick Access Toolbar, and you’ll only have to click once to either record a new macro or see a list of your macros. You could do the same thing with Paste Special. That Quick Access Toolbar can hold up to 90 buttons so now I don’t even miss my Standard Toolbar!

  • The simplest way is to use CTRL+ALT+V

  • derek

    @CK, thanks! I can’t believe I didn’t know that. :s

    I’ve been using PureText for a while now and find I’m defaulting to that most of the time. With PureText you use Windows+V to paste the clipboard contents as plain text to any app.

  • Steve

    Right click on the “Paste Special” and add it to the quick access bar. For me, it turned Alt+4 into the quick key shortcut.

  • ghuth

    Oh wow… I missed that CTRL+ALT+V shortcut. Massive time saver, thanks CK.