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Introducing ASPX Edit Helper for Visual Studio

Introducing ASPX Edit Helper for Visual Studio

August 3, 2007 4:41 pm5 comments

The ASPX Edit Helper is a simple add-in for Visual Studio that supplements the existing auto-complete and provides some simple snippet-like support for ASPX editing.

I prefer to write my ASPX code by hand rather than using the designer in Visual Studio.  There are a few frustrating limitations to the auto-complete behaviour in Visual Studio.  Most notably, the editor doesn’t automatically put in runat=”server” or an ID attribute when you type in a server control.  ASPX Edit Helper does that for you.

Also missing in the ASPX editor is snippet support like we have in VB or C#.  If you’re a C# coder, try typing prop or foreach and press Tab twice.  ASPX Edit Helper does something similar for ASPX using “short codes” like /lbl and /txt.

So this:


becomes this:


And this:


becomes this:


Downloads and more details are at

There’s an intro video at

(Hat tip to Brock Allen for inspiring the add-in.)


  • Great addin! Thanks!

  • Good work. Looks cool. But does it work for normal table(HTML Table and not a dot net control) also

  • derek

    @vikram: You can make a short code for an HTML table by editing the XML snippets file.

  • AndyN

    Great plugin!

  • Brevity is the essence of wit.
    This tool rocks with wit.

    I am in the office on a weekend dancing in the empty cubes because this tool will shave so much time off my dev I may never be in here again on the weekend.