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Hanging out the shingle (consulting availability)

Hanging out the shingle (consulting availability)

June 14, 2006 9:19 pmComments are Disabled

We have some consulting time available! We are primarily a consulting / training / mentoring / content development group. We took a bit of a hiatus to build Church Radius (church management software) but it has launched so we’re available again. Our primary focus is Microsoft technologies including .NET, SQL Server, and related technologies. The past 2+ years we have done a lot of ASP.NET-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) work but our experience and skill set is certainly broader than that.

We have a few services available:

Consulting and Contract Development

Software development is not quite as easy as falling off a bike. We can help get it done right and on time. We can provide various levels of service from high-level guidance on architecture and design right down to pumping out the code.

Mentoring and Training

If you are more of a we-do-it-all-in-house type of development shop, that’s great. We can help keep your development utility belt up-to-date with customized training and mentoring. We have a great mentoring program called On Tap – read more at

New Offering: Process Improvement / Project Governance / Crisis Intervention

Ron Smith, a PMI-certified project manager with experience in crisis project intervention, is now offering help to companies with struggling projects or looking to optimize their process. Here’s a breakdown of what Ron’s doing:

Why is it that a horror story project gets so out of control before management knows about it? Projects gone bad are expensive to fix and they destroy morale, causing high staff turnover and re-training costs. And then there’s the damage to your company’s reputation in the eyes of the customer. Well-run projects have clear escalation paths and good communication up and down the ladder. If that doesn’t sound like your company or project, keep reading.

Ron has helped dozens of troubled projects for companies of all sizes. He can help your team make simplified plans to tackle complex situations and start dealing with issues one at a time. A finely tuned team can overcome drastic changes in scope or direction and overcome hurdles without breaking stride. And team members will be happier because the project no longer appears unmanageable.

Ron has run Root Cause Analysis and Problem Resolution for Fortune 500 companies. He has helped turn around projects with demoralized teams facing million dollar penalties.

If you find yourself constantly in firefighting mode and going from one tornado project to the next, call Ron.

We’d love to help out with your projects. Give me a shout at 1-877-672-3487 (ext. 111) or email me at to discuss.

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