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Google Says Underscores Now Separate Words

Google Says Underscores Now Separate Words

July 24, 2007 3:48 pmComments are Disabled

An issue that has been long overlooked by many web site owners is which characters are recognized by search engines as word separators.  I remember having a conversation a few years ago about hyphens vs. plus signs vs. underscores.  Underscores have been a no-no because they were not treated as word separators, so after going to all that trouble to create a keyword-rich URL, you were undone by the underscores (e.g., you don’t search for hawaii_vacations, you search for hawaii vacations).

Matt Cutts of Google announced at a recent WordPress conference (WordCamp 2007) that Google is now (or will be shortly) treating underscores in URLs as word separators.

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