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Giant Yellow Screen of Death

Giant Yellow Screen of Death

May 14, 2007 2:22 pm5 comments

You’ve heard the error screen in ASP.NET called the Yellow Screen of Death (alt: the Yellow Screen of Darn)?  I’m glad this one wasn’t one of my apps:

Source: Tassography


  • Jeff Spicolie

    THAT IS HILARIOUS… What is worse that we are just geek enough about .net to get it…

  • Ouch, and to make it worse its an “Unspecified Error”. Thats like “ODBC Call Failed”.


  • Manley

    I saw the same thing like that but it is not ikea, it is the ABC 7 by highway I-10 California.

  • Even funnier, if you click on the picture you receive a yellow screen of death…

  • I love this photo but the URL has plagued me ever since it got shared out. I regularly make changes to the site and every so often delete the line of code to see if someones using this older URL!

    Anyway, now it’s fixed, and more importantly I’ve update my site generation code to stop this happening in the future :)

    Ben (the author of Tassography)