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Free ASP.NET to Silverlight 2 Book

Free ASP.NET to Silverlight 2 Book

December 16, 2008 4:36 pm1 comment

Jumping from ASP.NET to Silverlight 2

Not sure how long this will last… The publisher published the whole mini-book as the "excerpt chapter." Oops. They’ll probably correct that fairly soon so grab a "preview copy" while you can.

If you find the book useful, you really should give Wrox its $7. At least send the author some link love if you download it: Dimebrain is a good read (Dimebrain blogger Daniel Crenna was a guest on Devcasting in September).

1 Comment

  • corfurra

    That would be awesome. SL2 is real RIA platform for the giant! It’s got very bright future. Every ASP.NET developer must master SL2.