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Another Bad Error Message

Another Bad Error Message

April 28, 2006 10:22 pm1 comment

Well, I’m a roll with bad error messages this month. This week we finally received a merchant number and API token from Moneris to accept Mastercard and Visa for Church Radius. So I plugged the numbers into our configuration file and went to process a live credit card transaction. It failed with an error message saying “API Token Mismatch”. What might this error message make you think is wrong? That you had an invalid API token? Good guess… But, nope. We got that error message because the sales team at Moneris had screwed up and not enabled recurring billing (subscriptions) to our merchant account. Even the tech guy at Moneris was confused. We figured it out by guessing at things that could be wrong.

The good news is that Church Radius is now completely and officially LIVE! Wahoo.

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1 Comment