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Things To Do At TechDays Halifax 2009

Things To Do At TechDays Halifax 2009

If you’re heading to Halifax, Nova Scotia for the only sold out TechDays show in Canada (November 2-3, 2009), you might be wondering what to do when you’re not at the conference.  Here are some suggestions:

rogues Rogue’s Roost Brew Pub

This is my favourite place to eat in downtown Halifax.  The floors are sticky, the service isn’t great, but the chicken fingers and ale are wonderful.  Make sure you get the honey dill dipping sauce with your fingers.


OK, you’d have to be nuts to go surfing in Nova Scotia in November.  Of course the SurfDonkey boys are clearly nuts:

Bad Dad Location Hunt

Step 1: Watch

Step 2: Wander around Halifax trying to recognize locations from the show.  Good luck.

Stalking Craig Moore…

…and asking him repeatedly when the heck we’ll get another episode of Bad Dad. ;)  [he looks like this:]

Visit Freak Lunchbox

freaklunchbox“Freak Lunchbox searches the world to find the weirdest, newest and hippest candy and pop culture items on the market.”

How can you NOT visit this place!?

[Nearby Sweet Janes is also worth visiting.]

Take the Ferry

OK, I’m not sure exactly why you’d want to do this, but you could take the ferry over to Dartmouth just for fun (I guess).

This was someone else’s idea.  I’m not officially endorsing it…

There is a Tim Horton’s in the ferry terminal.  I suppose that’s something.

1175700925_e77f8ad05fClimb Citadel Hill (National Historic Site)

Worth the uphill climb, the Citadel’s stone fortress offers amazing views of the city and the harbor to its visitors. The view from the Citadel will show you the amazing architecture of downtown between the hilltop and harbor; the harbor’s mouth of wooded islands; and the naval dockyard under the Angus L. Macdonald Bridge, which connects Halifax and Dartmouth. Just 9 blocks from the waterfront, the Citadel has been restored to look much as the fort did in 1856.

Note: November 1 to May 6, the grounds are open but no services are available.  Here some photos of the Citadel if you’re unfamiliar with it:

Attend the Bonus Session on the Interoperable Web Platform

I’m giving a bonus session on the Interoperable Web Platform on Monday afternoon (4:20pm in the Servers, Security, and Management track room according to my info).

I’ll be covering some uber goodness like running PHP on IIS (I run 6 WordPress sites on IIS7 as well as, SuperPreview, the SEO Toolkit for IIS.

And my slides are gorgeous!  Very few bullet points.  You’ll definitely want to be there.

Follow Me on Twitter

If there are other things happening, I will announce them via Twitter.  Follow @derekhat or just watch and


(photo credit: citadel)

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Computer Science vs. The Real World

Computer Science vs. The Real World

As usual, Joel Spolsky hits the nail square on the head in his Oct 26, 2009 piece on the discrepancy between what Computer Science programs teach and what software developers need to know in the real world:

It is amazing how easy it is to sail through a Computer Science degree from a top university without ever learning the basic tools of software developers, without ever working on a team, and without ever taking a course for which you don’t get an automatic F for collaborating. Many CS departments are trapped in the 1980s, teaching the same old curriculum that has by now become completely divorced from the reality of modern software development.

Where are students supposed to learn about version control, bug tracking, working on teams, scheduling, estimating, debugging, usability testing, and documentation? Where do they learn to write a program longer than 20 lines?

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