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Igloo Coder Tour Was Great

Igloo Coder Tour Was Great

On behalf of Atlantic Canadians, I would like to extend a public thank you to Donald Belcham for giving up a week to tour Atlantic Canada to speak about The Big OO (fundamentals of object oriented programming).

Donald has his code available for download at

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New Logo for Microsoft .NET

New Logo for Microsoft .NET

Microsoft .NET has a new logo:


Just in time for PDC.  Attendees can probably count on getting lots of swag with the new logo on it.

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Dev Tools Power Hour

Dev Tools Power Hour

From Microsoft Canada:

Session 1. Introduction to Visual Studio Team System

Session 2. MSDN Benefits and Administration

Session 3. Load Testing SharePoint 2007-based Sites and Applications using Team System Tester Edition

Session 4. Better Development with Visual Studio Team System (In Person Seminar – Held at Microsoft Offices across Canada)

Session 5. SQL Server Database Relational Database Development with Team System Database Edition

Session 6. Building Silverlight-based Applications Using Visual Studio 2008 and Expression Studio

Session 7. Building BizTalk Server-based Solutions Using Visual Studio Team System

Session 8. Smart Client Application Development Best Practices Using Visual Studio Team System

Session 9. Building Better Software by Implementing Visual Studio Team System

Session 10. DevTools Q&A Office Hours with Adam Gallant

Complete webcast series details:

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