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Developers and QA Engineers Needed in Moncton

Developers and QA Engineers Needed in Moncton

For readers who live in my neck of the woods (Moncton, NB, Canada), I know of some opportunities for talented C# developers at a very interesting startup.  Ping me directly at  Basic requirements:

  • C#
  • Visual Studio 2005
  • Windows services development
  • ASP.NET 2.0
  • Unit testing
  • Source code control
  • T-SQL and SQL Server 2005

Same place also needs an experienced QA engineer:

  • Testing Windows-based software
  • Recording automated tests
  • Scripting automated tests
  • Managing QA processes
  • Communicating with both key stakeholders and developers to ensure quality and functionality goals are being met
  • Ideally, specific experience using TestComplete and/or TestArchitect, but experience with software test automating software is essential

Same deal in both cases, ping me directly if you’re interested and I’ll fill you in on the details.

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Big Silverlight News: Linux and v1.0

Big Silverlight News: Linux and v1.0

Microsoft has officially released Silverlight 1.0 (read the press release).

Along with the release, Microsoft has announced upcoming support for Silverlight on Linux:

Microsoft will be delivering Silverlight Media Codecs for Linux, and Novell will be building a 100% compatible Silverlight runtime implementation called “Moonlight”.

Moonlight will run on all Linux distributions, and support FireFox, Konqueror, and Opera browsers.  Moonlight will support both the JavaScript programming model available in Silverlight 1.0, as well as the full .NET programming model we will enable in Silverlight 1.1.

Miguel de Icaza has more details on the Microsoft-Novell collaboration on his blog.

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