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Debugging SMTP Filters

Debugging SMTP Filters

If this looks familiar to you:

public class Catchall : ISMTPOnArrival

void ISMTPOnArrival.OnArrival(CDO.Message msg, ref CDO.CdoEventStatus EventStatus)

then you know that debugging SMTP filters sucks.

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Dev East Was Great

Dev East Was Great

The room was packed and the content was great. Definitely a success.

Thanks to everyone who helped with Dev East. Special thanks to Mike Hatfield and Darryl Skeard who showed up early to help with registrations and setup. Thanks to Chris Maxwell at the Dalhousie Faculty of Computer Science for much needed tech support. And thanks to Dr. Morven Gentleman for the great venue.

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Dev East 2006 is Nov 24 in Halifax

Dev East 2006 is Nov 24 in Halifax

Attention software developers in eastern Canada

Dev East 2006 is just one week away! Come join your fellow developers for a day of insightful presentations, thousands of dollars in prizes, and a chance to interact with your peers. It all happens in Halifax on Friday, November 24, 2006 from 8:30am to 5:00pm.

Go to to register and get all the details including a student special just announced last night! Registration is only $10 thanks to the generous support of our sponsors:

Release Sponsor

Microsoft Canada

Beta Sponsors

Spheric - The Enterprise Portal People      Kamelio - Helping Marketers Adapt at High Speed

Want to be a sponsor? Email

Alpha Sponsors


In-Kind Sponsors

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Dev Podcast Show #2 Posted

Dev Podcast Show #2 Posted

Episode #2 of the still nameless developer podcast has been posted.  Show notes and MP3 can be found here:

The RSS feed with enclosures is

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Running DBCC CHECKDB Tonight

Running DBCC CHECKDB Tonight

Sigh…  I’m at the office this evening trying this:


Fingers crossed.

First the mail server went down on the weekend while out of town.  Got it back up yesterday afternoon over remote desktop with only a few problems.  Then today discovered that there was a problem with the Vault database (source code control).  Looks like the corruption happened prior to last night’s backup so the nightly backup is of a corrupted database.  So trying a repair before restoring the previous backup.

Update: Ugh, not a good sign:  There are 28948 rows in 129 pages for object ‘tblfolderentrypins’.

Update 2: I/O error (bad page ID) detected during read at offset 0x0000004d526000 in file ‘E:\Databases\sgvault.mdf’. Connection Broken.  Grrrrrr.

Update 3: Ran repair a few more times.  Now says: CHECKDB found 0 allocation errors and 0 consistency errors in database ‘sgvault’.  And I can now select from tblfolderentrypins, which I couldn’t do before.  Fingers still crossed.

Update 4: Can now access repository properties with Vault Admin tool.  That’s an improvement.

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